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The company’s primary focus of appraisal services is on commercial properties. AM Valuation Services also has experience appraising properties for condemnation and can also perform market studies. In Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, AM Valuation Services has vast experience working with Indigenous nations and communities. AM Valuation Services has completed appraisals in the States of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Our primary service areas are southern Arizona and southern New Mexico.

Reasons to hire an appraiser

  1. To figure out market value for selling or acquisition of a property.
  1. When a partner in a property decides to sell their interest in the property. This often happens when a business partner enters or leaves a partnership and needs to have the property value and oftentimes the business value appraised for a buyout or sellout.
  1. To appeal taxes, often when market value is less than the assessed valuation.
  1. To calculate market rent, highest and best use studies, and other market studies to assist with a property or market.
  1. To estimate construction costs and depreciation for improvements. Appraisers are also obtained to estimate insurable value for improvements.
  1. For lending purposes.
  1. Estate attorneys and CPAs hire appraisers for estate taxes and allocating funds to descendants.
  1. Family and divorce attorneys hire appraisers for settlements.
  1. The government and private property owners require appraisals for fair market value for Right of Way (ROW) acquisitions. ROW acquisitions happen for eminent domain for road widenings, underground pipelines, overhead transmission lines, and other easements for public use.
  1. Appraisals are generally suggested any time there is a dispute in value.

AM Valuation Services can serve your appraisal needs including:

    • Reviews
    • Vacant Land
    • Apartments
    • Mobile Home Parks
    • Shopping Centers
    • Retail Properties
    • Student Housing
    • Restaurants
    • Industrial Properties
    • Self-Storage Facilities
    • Residential Subdivisions
    • Special Use Properties
    • Office Buildings
    • Hotels
    • Service Stations
    • Indian Lands/Tribal Properties
    • Communication Tower Sites
    • Market Studies
    • Elderly Care Facilities

We utilize the following industry sources:

    • Marshall & Swift
    • CoStar
    • Multiple Listing Service
    • RealQuest Professional